Website of the day: – Reddit with a taste Habra

Today’s site of the day is new and very promising social aggregator links, at first sight somewhat similar to the first version of Reddit.
Website of the day: - Reddit with a taste Habra
Main page
On the subject of limited to the development of applications and services. All links posted there must be marked by tags from the preset very specific set. These tags tape links you can filter:
Website of the day: - Reddit with a taste Habra
The filter tags on the site
Currently no open registration. You can request an invite, but remember that you can always see who is and who was invited to the service in special “the tree of users, so that old-timers will forever remain in the answer for those who imprudently invited to the closed golovskoy party. Perhaps because of this openness of the system of registration is by invitation at last will help to build a sane community.
Website of the day: - Reddit with a taste Habra
The tree of users on the site
The most interesting thing on the website is moderation policy. There all of the moderators public and require substantiation. That is censorship seems to be there, but moderator outrage would not. Hard to say what will come of this, but looks promising. At least it is a bold experiment.
Website of the day: - Reddit with a taste Habra
Log moderation on the website
The website just raised outdoor enthusiasts engine, and if he’ll make something good is going to be a great example to the concept of “start from nothing.” However, be obtained from the may only two things: either full of shit or reserve useful content without Polivanov, flood and flame. Let’s hope for the best, and while just a little funny collection of links for programmers.
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