Svyaznoy is releasing a smartphone Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile

Svyaznoy presented its proprietary development – smartphone Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile. According to the developers, it has incorporated all the best, most advanced and fashionable. This device on any occasions, a reliable partner and a reliable friend of the owner.
Svyaznoy is releasing a smartphone Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile
Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile
The design of the body adjusts to the desires of the owner, the smartphone can vary in size. In factored form included are the handle of a shovel, greatly extends functionality of the device, and the opener is an essential item for fans of long walks with a bottle, say, «the Duchess.”
Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile is running on single-core processor, but what the… It’s effing processor in the design instead of the traditional legacy silicon particles used Chelyabinsk meteorite that opens to the owner of the device opportunities. Meteor chips – no jokes.
The model is equipped with innovative camera, the basis of the matrix which is sverhkachestvennye gigapixel – GGpx or differently – Ggpc. The user will have access to a number of great features: the effect of selective adding red-eye correction function and improve photo of the owner, the effect of “distorting mirror” for all the others present in the frame.
The smartphone is built on a unique, specially designed platform Svyaznos` that is characterized intuitive interface and convenience in use. In particular, thanks to the new operating system Svyaznoy Perfectum Mobile supports several specific modes of conversation – “Overshower-Meeting”, “Overshower-Girlfriend”, “Overshower-Girlfriend (male version) “, “Overshower-Head”. These functions allow the owner of the device to always keep a sincere harmony, and also the brain intact.
Now an innovative device is offered for pre-order. Moreover, when they click on the button “Pre-order” can be among the first 1000 users and get a new phone for free for a month to test.

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