Mobile trainer for the pelvic floor muscles

Mobile trainer for the pelvic floor muscles
A simple device to exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor
For many women, weak pelvic floor muscles are not funny problem. Poor bladder control, complications of pregnancy, even problems with sexual activity may be related to how strong these muscles. There are exercises (exercises), which can be run to exercise these muscles, but they are very dull and boring, which means that it’s time to use sensors, smartphone and a numerical assessment. The new device, dubbed kGoal, may soon be available for use and will help to make the exercise to develop the muscles of the pelvic floor interesting even without the use good old sex.
kGoal is a tool for Kegel exercises, which makes the measurements at compression, sends the results to the smartphone, which with the help of special application shows the results. This device is intended for control of exercises, so that they were held with the desired speed and intensity. Besides, in plans of developers creating games that you should play during exercise, to make them more fun.
Mobile trainer for the pelvic floor muscles
To use this device is very easy and even fun
Currently, the team hopes to bring to light your device receives funding through the crowd funding (public funding)

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