Russian account of World of Warcraft become the European

Blizzard Entertainment has published a great good for owners of Russian accounts of World of Warcraft. In the next few months regional restrictions will be lifted and they will be able to play in all European worlds, in any European language, which is officially supported in the game.
Russian account of World of Warcraft become the European
Since October 8, 2014:

  • all Russian WoW account will be European;
  • the Russian owners of record will be able to play in any of the European realms at any of the European languages that are officially supported in the game.
  • European players, in turn, will be able to play in the Russian realms;
  • price and currency (the Russian ruble, Euro or pound sterling) will depend on the country of residence.

Using Russian World of Warcraft and give the characters names in the Cyrillic alphabet is still possible only in the Russian-speaking worlds. In addition, for access to Russian realms will still be required Russian speaking client.

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