Website of the day: the video without registration

Today, instead of customers of the day will be the site of the evening as in the morning I could not get it to properly test and make screenshots. In short, meet the service videoconference without leaving the browser.
Website of the day: the video without registration
Home page of the site
The Site uses a number of advanced technologies such as WebRTC, and works in most modern browsers (sincerely sympathize with users of IE and Safari). Nothing to do, only to open the page in browser, add address name and enter the conference. The picture quality is quite decent, lags less than Skype. Have a chat.
Website of the day: the video without registration
Videoconferencing and chat on the website
The Tools support multiplayer mode (immediately) and demonstration of the desktop (after installing the extension). Can be quite constructive counsel. You can just make a classic video calls.
Website of the day: the video without registration
Full-screen mode Appear on the
The Tools no registration is required, does not store profiles, no history, and so on. No manic protection service does not support, because knowing the name of the “rooms” may be joined by anyone, but if you have something to discuss at a table in a cafe, then you can talk about and And it’s as simple, nothing to install and configure, just to agree in advance about the name “rooms” or pass it on chat/im/SMS/email. And no annoying alerts, distracting from work. ‘t want to talk – just don’t go into “the room”.
Know good sites? Write to Special thanks to the services that do not require registration and replacement common desktop/mobile applications.

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