Website of the day: Golden Ears – manual and trainer for the audiophile

Today’s website of the day is a project of Golden Ears. The main objective of this project is unobtrusive advertising acoustics Philips, but this does not interfere with Golden Ears to be a great educational project. On this site an ordinary person with average ears and at least some intelligence can learn to evaluate the quality of acoustics for the hearing. Not perfectly, but pretty well. It is important that the website Golden Ears teaches us not just to inflate his cheeks and say the right words with a straight face, but also predictable to distinguish good from bad acoustics. This is the most sought after skill and even strange that nobody had done anything like that site Golden Ears. All music lovers, DJs and reviewers acoustic techniques (not to mention sound) this website I strongly recommend.
Website of the day: Golden Ears - manual and trainer for the audiophile
Website home page Golden Ears
Most people are familiar with this feeling, when a familiar audiophile wears a headset or shakes his head near the column, sends a vacant look in the misty distance and after a couple of seconds declares that, for example, the sound isn’t bright enough, and there are noticeable harmonic distortion, and people don’t understand what it is and how to check it. Website Golden Ears solves this problem. A little practice on this site you can enter the magical world of audiophilia and learn how to translate the feeling that “something is wrong” in a meaningful description of the sound. Then, choosing audio equipment, you can’t listen to the charlatans-sellers, and the real test sound. Useful skill, anyway.
Website of the day: Golden Ears - manual and trainer for the audiophile
The learning process on the website Golden Ears
Me personally, as enthusiast effective learning technologies, website Golden Ears primarily interested in how a great sample of the current educational tool. From this point of view, the web has many advantages over offline. At least, on the web you can successfully combine self-study training and instruction in their use. Website Golden Ears uses these advantages of the web. There are all necessary components of a healthy school project, namely:

  • A brief and clear description of the application area.
  • Material ordered from simple to complex.
  • Definitions of terms and concepts.
  • Samples, clearly showing what was going on, and allows you to “try” stuff.
  • The opportunity to practice and develop the necessary skills.
  • The opportunity to test your skills and make sure that you will be able to apply them in real life.

A few “educational” projects today can boast of having all six points, but the absence of even one of them makes the project unworkable. Project Golden Ears all these items are present. Let them seats are not ideal, but at least they are there. That is, to study with the Golden Ears for the final time and without additional material is at least possible. Moreover, on the website of the Golden Ears can be sure that the training was successful by checking each individual skill practice.
Website of the day: Golden Ears - manual and trainer for the audiophile
To develop skills on the website Golden Ears
Site Golden Ears there is still room to grow, but that is all perfection. Importantly, it already works. It’s the way to do educational projects. Compared with such projects, the school curriculum is stone age. It is a pity that such projects are few.
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