Website of the day: Tally is the easiest service for surveys

Today’s website of the day is the service of the Tally. It is an online tool for conducting surveys and polls.
Website of the day: Tally is the easiest service for surveys
Home page of the site Tally
From other web groovelock service Tally is extremely easy. If the user Tally will want to create a survey, he did not have to make any unnecessary movements. No settings, no registration, even for the save button there. Most of the process of creating a survey in Tally like working in a plain text editor is the First line of the input question, and then enter the answer options one per line.
Website of the day: Tally is the easiest service for surveys
Create a poll on the website Tally
At the stage of creating a quiz, you can edit the text of the question and answers. Saved the survey automatically from the same link on which it was created. Once the survey, it cannot be neither correct nor remove (at least I haven’t found how to do it), so be careful. However, no one bothers to create a new, corrected the poll, which just created another link. This link can be sent to all potential respondents. Each participant can choose one or more (even all) of the answers, but only once. Any choice can be undone.
Website of the day: Tally is the easiest service for surveys
The survey on the website Tally
It is understood that the simplicity of the service Tally is achieved not only by the maximum reduction in functionality, but also a complete waiver of all defenses. The fraud survey results in the Tally does not require hacking skills and the powers of even the most inexperienced tea. So the Tally is not suitable for different Polivanov, contests, competitions and other photomart involving the battle for votes (the example in the screenshot above is guaranteed provocation of fraud and nothing more). Use Tally stands solely for its intended purpose – to collect the opinions of the members of a credible group. Others simply do not need to provide a link and everything. Minimalism and honesty, as in the good old days.
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