June 1 in history: the first payphone, Kinect and the echo of the Big Bang

1 June 1880 appeared first payphone in the world. The phone company in the U.S. state of Connecticut opened the first public phone booth. True, the pay phone was not automatic, to pay for the phone call you need the oversight of his employee. To adapt itself to the device mechanism to accept coins, went 9 years in 1889 “inhuman” payphone appeared in the Bank of Hartford. Served its now another company, but, interestingly, it was in the same state. That phone machine worked on the scheme postpaid: coins had to be omitted after the conversation.
June 1 in history: the first payphone, Kinect and the echo of the Big Bang
Phone booth
Mobile communication has doomed payphones in the “extinction”. However, many phone companies are trying to find a way out of their situation. Since each box held a communication channel, they can be used for other services. For example, in some countries, the telephones began to distribute the Internet on Wi-Fi.
June 1, 2009, Microsoft released a Kinect – management system game console gestures, without the console and gamepad. Strictly speaking, six years ago, the company hasn’t released a finished product, but only talked about his project “Natal” (former code name “Kinect”), but this intrigued many developers and gamers.
Kinect was a response to the success of the Nintendo Wii, which has opened a whole line of home gaming sports. But the Wii user had to hold the remote, and Microsoft sees players optical camera and a volumetric sensor (it emits in the infrared range and receives the reflected signal) – the console supports all the body of the gamer.
June 1 in history: the first payphone, Kinect and the echo of the Big Bang
Microsoft Kinect
Although the first version of Kinect, which appeared on the shelves in November 2010, had many disadvantages, within the first 60 days of sales reached 8 million units.
June 1, 1965, scientists caught the cosmic background radiation – the echo of the Big Bangin which our universe was born. Generally speaking, the received signal Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson has been quite different things – they did the instrument for experiments in radio astronomy and satellite communication. But the phone was constantly attended noise, which should emit body temperature about 3.5 Kelvin (that is, three and one-half degrees warmer than absolute zero). After consulting with colleagues, scientists realized that this is the cosmic background radiation. In 1978 they were awarded the Nobel prize.
June 1 in history: the first payphone, Kinect and the echo of the Big Bang
Map of the CMB
This radiation appeared a few million years after the Big Bang. When a substance is cooled to 3000 K, the particles began to clump together into atoms, and between them a free space path for radiation. And that is what we can take today. Due to the expansion of the Universe radiation spectrum has shifted to a more “cold” area, and now it has a temperature of 2,725 Kelvin.

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