On September 16 in history: Windows CE, the care and the return of Steve jobs

16 September 1996 , Microsoft introduced its Windows CE operating system for handheld computers. However, the name of the OS (CE – Consumer Electronics) meant a broader scope, – in smartphones, as well as in embedded multimedia systems.
On September 16 in history: Windows CE, the care and the return of Steve jobs
Windows CE on pocket PC
The first version of Windows CE was a “stripped-down” and simplified Windows 95. It has been optimized to work on devices with small amounts of memory. To run was enough 32 KB of RAM, and for normal operation graphical user interface (GWES) required 5 MB. Later Windows CE became the basis for the platform PocketPC and Windows Mobile based popular pocket computer of the early 2000s. And the latest version of WinCE dated March 1, 2011.
16 September was an important date in the biography of Steve jobs. On this day in 1985, he officially left Apple because of the conflict with John Scully, who himself jobs had changed from Pepsi. Actually the conflict occurred a few months earlier, however, jobs had tried unsuccessfully to retain its influence in the company, but all his attempts failed.
On September 16 in history: Windows CE, the care and the return of Steve jobs
Steve jobs in 1985
A few weeks jobs didn’t go to work, and making sure that his absence no one notices, officially resigned and founded NeXT and later created the NeXTSTEP operating system, which became the prototype of the modern Mac OS and OS X.
On September 16 in history: Windows CE, the care and the return of Steve jobs
Steve jobs in 1997
16 September 1997 , Apple announced that Steve jobs becomes interim head of the company. This became possible after Apple bought the company he founded NeXT, thereby transferring its employees to its staff. Formally, the jobs are back in the role of Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. When Gil Amelio,, the last CEO before the return of jobs, Apple has shown a record loss in the Silicon Valley. Ironically, the first task of Steve jobs following the dismissal of Amelio was the official Declaration of loss of $ 161 million for the fourth quarter of 1997 and the decline in profits of 28%. With the return of founder began the long process of reorganization, layoffs and closing units. Jobs “put under the knife” Newton, Cyberdog, and OpenDoc, has cut more than 3,000 employees. Ultimately, the company focused on the development and support of all four products – Power Macintosh, PowerBook, and iMac and iBook.

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