December 10 in history: Nobel prize, Doom and Xbox 360

December 10, 1901 was awarded the first Nobel prize. Since then, every year, on the day of Alfred Nobel’s death, in the capitals of two countries – Sweden and Norway – is a solemn procession, although the laureates are announced in advance. In Stockholm awarded the prize in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and Economics. In Oslo the award in the field of the protection of the world.
The story of the Nobel prize is a very entertaining. Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, for their lives have become pretty wealthy. Money and fame had brought him 355 inventions, some of which belonged to military research and development. In 1888 in Russia came the news that Stockholm, the inventor died. The rumor quickly spread around the world, and in one of the French Newspapers published an article titled “the Merchant of death is dead”. Actually the death of his brother Ludwig. And yet of what happened the incident made me think of Alfred Nobel, which will be remembered humanity. As a result, the inventor wrote a will in which he ordered to create a Fund to support and reward the people that brought the greatest benefit to mankind. Originally it was about areas such as physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature and peace prize. But in 1969 the nomination on the economy. In 1901, the payout to the winners was 150 000 CZK. Now “noalarm” paid about a million dollars.
The Nobel prize is the subject of a large number of disputes and scandals. In particular, the nomination for literature and the peace prize, according to many experts, is not always awarded to those who deserve it. For example, the 2009 peace prize was awarded to the President of the United States Barack Obama for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people“. In fact, the 44th President of the United States received this award for his pledge to reduce nuclear arsenals. That is just beyond words.
This year the prize in literature went to the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich with the phrase “for the polyphonic sound of her prose and the perpetuation of suffering and courage“. The writer works primarily in the genre of documentary literature. Therefore, for the first time the Nobel prize has become a professional journalist. Critics note that it doesn’t fit bequeathed by Nobel’s priorities, namely the award for “most outstanding literary work of an idealistic direction“. But in his time with the phrase “too popular” was rejected by H. G. wells. And J. R. R. Tolkien, whose works “not to call the prose of the highest class“. However, the scandalous examples have accumulated a whole lot.
December 10 in history: Nobel prize, Doom and Xbox 360
The Will Of Alfred Nobel
10 December 1993 came the cult game Doom. Developer of first person shooter made by legendary id Software headed by John Carmack. The game was based on the engine id Tech 1, which is quite rightly called pseudostreaming, sometimes to 2.5 D. Carmack wrote it using a programming language “si” on the workstations NeXT operating system NEXTSTEP. Originally the game was developed exclusively for personal computers running DOS. To run Doom required 4MB of RAM and 40 MB hard disk space, and processor-level Intel 386DX. The game was distributed on four 3.5 inch diskettes. Later Doom was ported to the ten console platforms.
In 1994 she published a sequel titled Doom II: Hell on Earth, and also to complement The Ultimate Doom (1995), Master Levels (1995, a collection of the best levels for the game created by enthusiasts) and Final Doom (1996). In 2004 appeared Doom 3. Already alpha testing Doom 4. The official announcement is scheduled for spring of next year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
December 10 in history: Nobel prize, Doom and Xbox 360
Boss-spider from the first Doom
December 10 2005 in Japan, selling out the console Xbox 360. In the United States and Canada, it appeared a little earlier – on November 22, in Europe on 2 December. The Xbox 360 is Microsoft second console, belonging to the seventh generation of gaming consoles. The device proved to be very popular. A console worthy of competing with the PlayStation 3 and Wii. According to some reports she was ahead of sales of the console from Sony. To date, sold over 84 million copies. For comparison: first edition Xbox sold only 24 million copies.
December 10 in history: Nobel prize, Doom and Xbox 360
Evolution Xbox 360

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