Figure of the day: how Much is a Panasonic TV TX-65CZR950 in Russia?

Figure of the day:
949 999 rubles
So is the TV Panasonic TX-65CZR950 in Russia.
Panasonic has announced the start of Russian sales of its flagship TV TX-65CZR950. This is her first 65-inch OLED TV. He presented a limited edition of 30 copies at 949 999 rubles. In addition to Russia the model will appear only in three European countries – the UK, Germany and Switzerland.
Figure of the day: how Much is a Panasonic TV TX-65CZR950 in Russia?
Panasonic TX-65CZR950 slightly curved and supports a resolution of 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels). As the manufacturer, X-65CZ950 is the first 4K OLED TV, which received the THX certification. Also it features an audio power of 60 watts, which includes two high frequency, two midrange and two nizkochastotnykh dynamics.
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