On February 15 in history: the birth of YouTube and the assault of Microsoft office users

15 fevralya 2005 appeared YouTube. Or at least title: on this day, three students from USA, ignition idea to make a convenient video hosting, registered the domain youtube.com.
To understand how in the head of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim came up with the idea to create a web service for sharing videos, not easier, than to solve the riddle of the Universe. Extended version, that Chen and Hurley had come to this after unsuccessful attempts to distribute video from the party those who participated in it.
Karim also argues that the idea of YouTube came after the so-called “incident in the show during the break, the 38th Super bowl”: while the athletes were resting, viewers watched a performance by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the end of which the breast of the singer – and this is not the case, and part of the show – bared for a split second. Internet users were looking for the repeat, but look for videos online then were extremely uncomfortable. Finally, Hurley and Chen said that YouTube was conceived as a Dating service.
Anyway, in February, the creators of the service registered the domain. And here is the first video went up on hosting only on the morning of April 23. It Javed Karim is “the story” from the zoo: “We’re standing in front of elephants. The cool thing with these guys is really, really, really long trunks”. I must say that the status of the author of the first video on YouTube gave Karim a success as a new, signed by 124 thousand people – even modestly amid Russian priestesses of meaningless frame. Perhaps he ought to remove anything else, because elephant is a revelation and remains the only record on the channel user jawed.

Public beta testing of the service began in may of the same year, and official launch took place on 15 December. By that time, users watched by 8 million videos every day. A year later, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars, and already existing project turned Google Video into a search engine for videos.
Today YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, although there are serious competitors, without, however, support in the form of the main Internet search engines.
15 February 1999 users tried to storm the office Microsoftto return your Windows license. An insurmountable obstacle to resolute fighters for justice have become the Elevator and the door.
On the morning of 15 February a group of computer activists, most of whom were Linux fans, gathered in the town of Fosters in Silicon valley. Their goal was the local division of Microsoft, to whom they had intended to award a license for Windows. The fact is that if you bought a computer with preinstalled “Windows”, when first turned on, you will be given a choice: accept the license agreement or return the license to the manufacturer. The activists, who preferred the alternative OS, trying to use this requirement to Izgotovitel computers themselves, but they said that on all issues regarding Windows, you need to contact Microsoft. And, in General, can be understood. Firstly, Microsoft is clearly not going to reimburse them the money returned to consumers, and use the license again failed. Secondly, the price of an OEM license (for a system that is preinstalled on computers in factories) is individual for each manufacturer. Moreover, it depends on whether the manufacturer produces the computers with other systems or without any software at all. Finally, it is a trade secret.
The activists wore t-shirts with Tux (the penguin is the symbol of Linux), wrote the posters, such as those that go to rallies and stand at the pickets and headed for the office Microsoft. By that time, when the group arrived at the office the software giant, there were reporters and representatives of the company. The latter assured the audience that they had come to the wrong address and sent back to proizvoditelem computers. This answer didn’t satisfy fans of Linux and money, and they tried to sneak into the office Microsoft. To do this they failed for a trivial reason: the elevators of the building to the point were reprogrammed and just refused to go right at the 9th floor, and open the door from the stairs did not work. So the rebellion was suppressed.
On February 15 in history: the birth of YouTube and the assault of Microsoft office users
Users go to the assault of Microsoft office
Fortunately, “the Day of the refund for Windows” gave the public attention, and in subsequent years in different countries began to offset the price of Windows. For example, users Acer can come to the U.S. in any official service center of the company, to hand over the unit and later receive it with empty hard drive and some money. In some countries the company before issuing money asking consumers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In General, if you don’t need Windows, there is a chance to return it and make some money. Refer to the one whose logo is emblazoned on the body of the computer or laptop.

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