12 may in history: the domain .of the Russian Federation, web-priest, and air-1

12 may 1865 was founded the Finnish company Nokia. 151 years ago, mining engineer Fredrik Idestam received permission for the construction of a factory for the manufacture of paper pulp by the river Nokia. This day is considered the date of Foundation of Nokia Corporation. The need of cities in paper and Board grew with each passing day, so, at the end of the XIX-th century was the rapid growth of industry, and with it Nokia. In the future, the Corporation already represented the industrial conglomerate of several companies. Main areas dealt with by Nokia: forest industry, manufacture of rubber, cables and electronic equipment. Now it is a multinational company with headquarters in Espoo, near Helsinki, which is engaged in telecommunications equipment. Previously, the company was one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones, but after buying the mobile division by Microsoft, the release of new models has been discontinued.
12 may in history: the domain .of the Russian Federation, web-priest, and air-1
Logos Nokia different years
12 may 1927 made the first test flight of aircraft designed by A. S. Yakovlev air-1. The machine designer, the young assistant engineer of the aircraft division of the Air force Academy, at that time was only 21 years old. Yakovlev called his plane (then it was called “aviette”) “Rykov A. I.” in honor of the Chairman of people’s Commissars of the USSR, which strongly supported the designer in his endeavors. Aviette in the Soviet Union began to build in the framework of the competition announced by Aviakhim in 1925. The task was to develop military aviette services when a motor 40-60 HP, with a landing speed of 50 km/h, the maximum is not less than 120 km/h and fuel capacity for at least 3 hours of flight. Before the construction of the aircraft Yakovlev did just gliders, so, calculations and preparation of drawings took about a year, during this time, the designer studied the theory of aviation, various studies, calculations, and also got acquainted with the achievements in the aircraft industry. A group of enthusiasts, which then marked the beginning of the Yakovlev design Bureau, was assembled plane. The whole process took 8 months, working only in the evenings. So, Yakovlev made the first domestic double aviette, was held as an aircraft, may 12, 1927 is the birthday of the Yakovlev design Bureau, although it was officially established only a few years.
12 may in history: the domain .of the Russian Federation, web-priest, and air-1
An exact copy of the first aircraft Yakovlev air-1
May 12, 2004 in the Church of England introduced the position of web sasanika. The duties of a Minister of the Church is to care of the new parish, which exists only in the network. The first priest was Alison Leslie, which is instructed to patronize online a Church where the believers gather from all over the world. The community prays in chat rooms, makes the web of mass and engaged in social activities. Some of these people live where they prohibited their open confession of the Christian faith. In addition, it can be those who find it difficult to get to coming offline. The website of the Church operates to this day, it is called i-Church and is nominally part of the Diocese of Oxford.
12 may in history: the domain .of the Russian Federation, web-priest, and air-1
The first woman priest of the Internet, Alison Leslie
12 may 2010 in the DNS root zone delegated domain “.of the Russian Federation”. The launch was timed to coincide with the first Russian forum on Internet governance. The priority registration of names in the new area began in November 2009 and was up until 11 may. The first domains that we made in the night from 12 to 13 may become President.of the Russian Federation and the Government.of the Russian Federation, and a few days later they were joined by the site of the coordination center of national domain of network the Internet at KTS.of the Russian Federation. Open registration of domain names in Cyrillic zone began on 11 November 2010. Today in the area around 835 thousand registered domains, of which 500 thousand are active, including ‘ doubles. Blast zone “.Russia became the first national Cyrillic domain, paving the way for other domain zones, for example, “.Moscow”, “.children””.the website” etc. are Now all modern browsers support Cyrillic domains.
12 may in history: the domain .of the Russian Federation, web-priest, and air-1
The official logo of the domain zone “.of the Russian Federation”

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