25 April in history: the Hubble telescope

24 March 1990 launched the telescope “Hubble”. Work on the space Observatory has taken two decades – the funding that was cut, then completely stopped, but, to cooperate with the European space Agency (and “paying him” 15 percent of the time use of the telescope) and simplifying the project, NASA still managed to finish the job.
The spacecraft was ready for launch in 1986, but the disaster of the Challenger (the Shuttle exploded during launch) froze the program space Shuttle, and the Hubble had a few years to lie on a special – and very expensive – stock. Finally, in the 90th year the telescope was in orbit.
25 April in history: the Hubble telescope
Telescope “Hubble”
Shortly after the launch Chernye discovered a defect in the main mirror of Hubble: it was incorrectly polished and mounted, which emerged spherical aberration. Or, simply, a telescope gave fuzzy pictures of distant objects. The problem was solved manually by the astronauts of the expedition went out into space and replaced one of the modules of the “Hubble” on “telescope glasses”: a corrective component, ispravlyati distortion diphetogo mirror. In principle, the Kodak had manufactured a spare mirror, but replaced it in orbit was impossible, and to lower and lift back into orbit, the telescope would have been chrezvychainoi expensive.
10 percent of the time the telescope falls into a special reserve Director of the Institute space telescope and can be used for urgent requests. Rest of the time is distributed between customers, and their number is growing stremitelno.

Any astronomer may apply for the use of a telescope “Hubble”

Twenty years of Hubble space telescope gave scientists and Amateurs a lot of new information. Thus, the proximity of the Hubble, scientists have confirmed the hypothesis of massive black holes in the centers of galaxies. Also a telescope to discover planets of the Solar in the sky and even watch the Jupiter collision with comet in 1994.
25 April in history: the Hubble telescope
“Pillars of Creation” – the clusters of gas and dust in the eagle nebula / photographed by Hubble telescope
By 2020 to replace the “Hubble” should be replaced with a new telescope “James Webb” – than a precise instrument and notably a large main mirror. The launch is scheduled for 2018.

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