April 21st in history: the SATA II, the first projector, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Commodore 64

April 21, 2004 Alliance Serial ATA Working Group, officially presented the serial interface of SATA II. It is easy to guess that its capacity was twice the connector of the previous generation is 300 Gbit/s. the Interface has been very popular. Even in 2011 a modern computer platform used SATA II. His speed is enough with modern hard drives. However, the most popular to date is the interface SATA 3.0 with a capacity of 600 Gbps.
April 21, 2011 in the U.S., started selling a new version of the legendary computer Commodore 64. The original device was released in 1982, the cost then was $595. Four years ago a new version was selling for the same money. In fact, of course, it’s just a nettop, made in an unusual case. Inside it has a dual-core Intel Atom processor, NVIDIA ION 2, two gigabytes of RAM and a hard disk on 160 GB. Supplied this version with Ubuntu, but the developers promised to send all Commodore OS 1.0 and emulator games.

April 21st in history: the SATA II, the first projector, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Commodore 64

Nettop in a case Commodore 64
April 21st in history: the SATA II, the first projector, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Commodore 64

Ports to the Commodore 64 nettop

21 April 1895 presented the first American film projector. In 1891, Thomas Edison unveiled his device for watching movies, called a kinetoscope. However, the device was intended for individual use and to show the same film to a large audience was impossible. The brothers Otway and gray, and their father vudvill Latham from the U.S. first engaged in that simply showed films about Boxing in a single kinetoscope that they had. But then they figured they could get more money if the video does not show one person, but several. And by 1895, together with William Dickson, a member of the laboratory of Edison, has developed a device Panopticon. Thanks to the decision, called “the Latham Loop”, the opportunity to work with a long film (up to 1000 feet) so that it is not torn as in the kinetoscope. Now it was possible to show not a short 60-second spots, and many minute movies. In particular, Latapy showed Boxing matches and could now be used to demonstrate one round, and immediately the whole fight. Edison himself the very next day after the presentation of the device has published an article with threats to go to court, because the PANOPTICON of Latanov largely simply copied the kinetoscope. The first commercial display by the apparatus of the Panopticon was held on 20 may 1895. Despite the fact that this demonstration took place almost a year before the lumière brothers, of special resonance it caused. The lumière films that were shown on the cinematograph, was marked by extraordinary reliability and therefore quickly gained the love of the audience. The Latham company soon disbanded, but the idea of the tape drive mechanism, invented by Woodville Latham, used in the film industry and the rental still.
April 21st in history: the SATA II, the first projector, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Commodore 64
The scheme of the Latham loop
April 21, 2010 ontesleva group Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) has published the specifications for Bluetooth 4.0. The main feature of the new version was the efficiency. Otherwise, this Protocol includes all the achievements from Bluetooth 3.0+HS. This specification has been developed with a view to use in miniature devices, such as watches, wireless sensors and medical gadgets. Bluetooth 4.0 can operate in two different modes. With high speed (about 3Mbps) or in the power saving mode, when large amounts of data to transfer is not required, but the device can work for long time. In addition, in the fourth version of Bluetooth has increased the distance at which communication is enabled. Previously, the maximum was in the region of 10 m and significantly decreased in the presence of obstacles. Now, depending on the implementation, data transfer via Bluetooth is possible at a distance up to 100 meters in open space. It is worth noting that in most modern fitness trackers and smart watches today used just Bluetooth 4.0, as it allows gadgets to run more slowly, but constantly connected with a smartphone.
April 21st in history: the SATA II, the first projector, Bluetooth 4.0 and a Commodore 64
Bluetooth 4.0

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