April 6th in history: the first film in plane and yellow stickers 3M

April 6, 1925, the airline Imperial Airways first showed the film in flight. It was a regular flight from Paris to London, with 12 passengers on Board. This fact would not be so remarkable if extreme danger of the whole event. In those days it was impossible to simply embed the screen in the back of his seat and stream movies to all passengers – it was necessary to use a bulky projector with a powerful lamp. And the plane Handley-Page O 400 percent to 60 was made of wood.
April 6th in history: the first film in plane and yellow stickers 3M
Handley-Page O 400 originally was a military plane, but was then used in civil aviation
The film, which was offered to watch was the silent film “the Lost world” based on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Imperial Airways became the first airline that offered movies on Board. In 1921 this trick pulled Aeromarine Airways in flight over Chicago. However, it was a demonstration flight and not a scheduled flight.
April 6, 1980, the company 3M has released Post-It Notes in USA. This product was doomed to immense popularity and in a short time became a cult not only among office workers, but also students, Housewives, pilots and drivers. It all began in 1968, when the chemist Spencer silver, working at 3M, created a weak and non-marking glue. At first nobody appreciated the importance of the invention, another 3M employee, Arthur fry, became personally use a new adhesive for the bookmark in her prayer book.
April 6th in history: the first film in plane and yellow stickers 3M
The Post-It notes as a tool for the expression of protest of the Occupy movement in Zurich
Since the invention of the adhesive prior to its use in a popular product it’s been 12 years. In 1999 Fortune magazine included Post-It Notes in the list of the most important inventions of mankind in the XX century. By the way, this product without much changes in produced and sold until now. There are analogues from other manufacturers, but 3M is far ahead of any of them in terms of revenue and market share.

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