April 7th in history: the IBM System/360, RFC 1, and domain .EN

April 7, 1964 IBM has officially unveiled the mainframe System/360. A key feature of this series of servers is the use of a single set of commands. As a result, the company could purchase a less productive system, and then, if necessary, replace it with a faster equivalent. Without rewriting software and other headaches. With the advent of System/360 was born the concept of “firmware” is the program that implements the instruction set of the processor.
The creation of the mainframe took about five billion US dollars. In the 60-ies of the last century the cost of development, second only to space campaign “Apollo”. However, System/360 became a cult. All the other companies released computers compatible with the mainframe. In the Soviet Union, analogous to System/360 became the “UCS”.
April 7th in history: the IBM System/360, RFC 1, and domain .EN
IBM System/360
April 7, 1969 was published the first information of the document is Internet RFC 1. It contains technical specifications and standards that are widely used in the world wide web. The first RFCs were printed on paper, but in December 1969, when the ARPANET earned items, electronic versions of these documents. Officially, the first communication session between two computers over the Internet occurred on October 29, 1969.
On 7 April 1994 has been delegated to the Russian domain .EN. This event was preceded by the signing on 4 December 1993 of the Treaty “On procedure of administration of RU zone” between the largest at that time the domestic Internet service providers. Domain .EN replaced .su. In 2002, however, the registration site in the Soviet zone were resumed.
17 September 2007 was registered by millions of website with .EN. 22 March 2009 – two-million, and September 25, 2010 – three-million. Finally, on 5 November 2015 appeared 5 million registered the name in the Russian zone.
12 March 2010 commissioned by the national top level domain “.of the Russian Federation”. This is the first domain in Cyrillic. As you can guess, from .EN it differs in that “.of the Russian Federation” all second-level names are written in Russian letters. Popular Cyrillic domain did not become.
April 7th in history: the IBM System/360, RFC 1, and domain .EN
Statistics of top level domains

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