May 3 in history: the birth of geocaching and trial of Napster

On 3 may 2000, comes the game called geocaching. It happened just two days after the US government lifted the restriction on the use of GPS technology for civilians. Simple American citizen Dave Almer placed in one of the groups of servers. the coordinates on which it was possible to find a plastic container hidden thereby a citizen. The contents of the first cache was varied: the media software and video, food, money and a slingshot. Also inside was a special note book to the finder of a cache can put the name and date.
Since September 2000, started its functioning is the most popular website to play geo – caching At the request of the site owners, over the years of its existence, there were over a million caches, and participation in the game take residents 200 countries. According to the rules, the finder of the cache could take a portion of the content, leaving in exchange of something else, but the hiding place must remain in place to be able to find other participants.
May 3 in history: the birth of geocaching and trial of Napster
Showing map of “treasure” from the site
In a container rarely put something of value, usually books or CD’s, coins, small toys and other things from the category of “just throw a pity”. Previously, these caches could be found cheap disposable cameras left on purpose to capture the solemn moment of finding “treasures” and to upload photos to the network.
Often the participants of the geocaching attracted to their suspicious behavior of the guards. Sometimes players quietly hiding and masking hiding place, is also cause for concern from bystanders. Those calling the police, which comes along with a bomb squad. Also man, gently something hiding in a secluded place, mistaken for a drug dealer.
May 3 in history: the birth of geocaching and trial of Napster
A typical container for the game of geocaching
In addition there is still a whole lot of similar sites with different rules, complicating or simplifying the search for “treasures”. And sometimes the game of geocaching firm arranges for its employees within the corporate.
On the same day, 3 may 2000, the lawyer of Metallica and its founder – Lars Ulrich – compiled a list of 335.435 users of the online service Napster, allegedly involved in the dissemination of the songs of this musical group and, accordingly, copyright infringement. The court ruled the owners of Napster not only remove songs from the free access, but also to restrict access to the service for those 335 thousand people. However, the last lock was very gentle: users as if nothing had happened checked in again under other names.
May 3 in history: the birth of geocaching and trial of Napster
The network “client-server” and decentralized (peer to peer) network
But the trial went down in history mostly due to the fact that the first defendant was the service illegally distributing content using P2P technology (peer-to-peer) that allows you to download content from special servers, and directly with regular users of the Internet. The founder was 19-year-old American Shawn fanning and his companions. Napster quickly gained popularity that the number of participants has doubled every 5-6 weeks, and two years after launch, in 2001, the number of users amounted to 80 millions a month. However, due to the imperfections of the first version of the P2P architecture, to prohibit such a pirated platform was easy, and Napster was bought out and turned into a tool already in the official music sales.
May 3 in history: the birth of geocaching and trial of Napster
The Napster Logo

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