On April 26 in history: the Chernobyl accident, the virus “Chernobyl” and the introduction of Intel vPro

On this day 30 years ago there was an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. She went down in history as the biggest disaster in the entire history of the peaceful atom.
The first power unit of the Chernobyl NPP was commissioned in September 1977. After the construction and connection of three power plant units daily developed 29 billion kWh. In the night from 25 to 26 April in the tests of the generator of the fourth reactor resulted in a dramatic increase of power that the NPP personnel could not be stopped. This has led to the explosion and destruction of the reactor. The consequences of the accident were enormous. The town of Pripyat, 3 km from the power plant, was completely evacuated and remains empty, only risk attracting tourists. Also people have been evacuated from a zone 30 km around the epicenter of the accident. Just to eliminate the consequences of the catastrophe for several years were involved in approximately 600 thousand people.
First, the official causes of the accident were announced the wrong actions of the personnel of the ChNPP, the violation of the rules of procedure of the reactor. Subsequently was added, the reactor RBMK-1000 had a dangerous design features. Directly to the accident was caused by two positive feedback between power and reactivity (when the increase in the reactor power leads to more growth capacity) and bad design of rods system control and protection, which, under certain conditions, instead of lowering the reactivity of the reactor could cause its growth.
On April 26 in history: the Chernobyl accident, the virus "Chernobyl" and the introduction of Intel vPro
The fourth reactor of the Chernobyl NPP
April 26, 1999 at approximately half a million computers had been destroyed the hard drives that some PC was also corrupted the BIOS. The cause was a computer virus called CIH, but it much better than I remember under the name “Chernobyl” because the biggest damage he inflicted on 13-year anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It was first discovered in the summer of 1998 in one of the Taiwanese universities, but has since managed to infect computers around the world to work simultaneously on all devices 26 April 1999.
26 April 2006 year , Intel introduced the vPro platform. It is a technology that allows network administrators to speed up and simplify the process of maintenance of Park of computers. However, this Park, or even just an individual PC should have a processor that has hardware support for vPro. If there is, then it is the software part of Intel AMT (Active Management Technology). With computers you need to configure, then manage them remotely. Implemented work not only with the OS already loaded, but turning on the computer and work in BIOS, remote install drivers (even graphics), as well as loading the operating system from a remote system storage. Also based on vPro technology Intel Anti-Theft, with which you can lock down your lost laptop.
On April 26 in history: the Chernobyl accident, the virus "Chernobyl" and the introduction of Intel vPro
Intel vPro

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