July 20 in history: man on the moon and the first Tesla car

July 20, 1969, American astronauts landed on the moon in the mission Apollo 11 is the first time in history, when the earth is being stepped onto the surface of another celestial body.
In 1961 US President John Kennedy stated that one of the goals of the nation will be shipping a man on the moon before the end of the decade. NASA has faced many problems in the Apollo program, including the death of several astronauts during a failed rocket launch. However, the order failed.
“The Apollo 11 with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin on Board, was launched July 16, and on the fourth day of the flight on the orbit of the moon. Then from the command module “Columbia” separated the lunar module “eagle” with two astronauts. During its decline several times tripped the alarm – as it turned out, the computer is just overloaded with incoming information. However, the landing was successful, and on 20 July at 20:17 GMT signal Contact.
July 20 in history: man on the moon and the first Tesla car
Edwin Aldrin on the moon
Oddly enough, in the first two hours after landing the crew was busy… imitation prelaunch, if the stay had to be urgently interrupted. Then the plan was to rest, but Armstrong requested permission to immediately come to the surface, and disturb him did not. But before that, Edwin Aldrin as elder of the Church managed to hold a Church service and performed the sacrament of Holy communion. However, to do this he had alone – Neil Armstrong was an atheist to participate in the ceremony refused.
“Walk” astronauts on the moon lasted only two and a half hours (despite the fact that the landing and takeoff of the lunar module separated, 21 hours, 36 minutes). During this time, they managed to estimate the looseness of the surface (she was much tighter than expected), enough to napryagatsya in low gravity, set the US flag and the camera, leave the plates with the message of earthlings, take 22 kilograms of soil samples, and place several science instruments: a seismometer, a trap solar wind and a corner reflector. Thanks to the latter, any enthusiast of the Earth can send to the moon the laser pulse and then two seconds to accept his reflection.
July 20 in history: man on the moon and the first Tesla car
Schedule flight to the moon
Back in the lunar module, Armstrong and Aldrin had to sleep in anticipation of when the orbiting “Columbia” will make a regular orbit around the Earth. But it was so noisy, light and cold that they barely managed to take a NAP.

Neil Armstrong couldn’t sleep in the lunar module: “the Earth shone straight into my eyes, like a light bulb”

By the way, this time to the moon was approaching the Soviet automatic station “Luna–15”, which was to take soil samples. Unfortunately, during its landing, communication with her was interrupted for an unknown reason – possibly due to the collision with the mountain.
To the Earth “Apollo 11” returned safely on July 24. In subsequent years, the Americans have several times landed on the moon, and even drove around the surface on a special car. The Soviet program of manned flights to the moon, the authorities decided to roll.
As from 20 July 2005 there was a Google Moon the same as earth Google Earth. The company has published a map of the moon and tied to her photos, taken by astronauts on several missions “Apollo”.
July 20 in history: man on the moon and the first Tesla car
Google Moon
Later Google continued “development” of the planets of the Solar system. In 2009, passionate about space engineers launched Goole Mars – the red planet map, painted as it looks in the infrared range. It marked not only the mountains, canelloni and craters and places of landings (including unsuccessful) all twelve automatic machines that humanity sent to Mars.
July 20, 2006, the company Tesla has unveiled its first electric car – the Roadster. It was a completely electric sports car with an engine producing 248 horsepower, able to accelerate to 100 km/h in four seconds and its top speed was 210 km/h the Role the tank played in her lithium-ion batteries, full charge which is enough for 390 kilometers.
July 20 in history: man on the moon and the first Tesla car
Electric Car Tesla Roadster
By the time hybrid cars have ceased to be exotic, but they only reduced the fuel consumption due to the reuse of energy, it passed to the battery when braking the car. Roardster used only electricity.
Sports car cost more than 100 thousand dollars, and in just 2012, when the company curtailed production of models, managed to sell about 2,400 vehicles. This Tesla did not stop and continued to produce electric cars, including more affordable. For example, sales of the Model S sedan (price starts from $ 52500), projected to reach one hundred thousand by December 2015.

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