A potentially inhabited planet was discovered

Astronomers from Spain, Switzerland and Italy were able to detect in the habitat zone of a spectral star of type M2 GJ 625, which is about 3 times smaller and lighter than our Sun, potentially inhabited by the planet of the Super-Earth class. The study is published in the library of electronic preprints arXiv.org.
A potentially inhabited planet was discovered The heavenly body is located at a distance of 21 light years from the Earth and 2.8 times heavier than it. The complete cycle of revolution of the planet around its star is 14.6 days. According to experts, the average surface temperature on Super Surface is 350 kelvin (76.85 degrees Celsius, hot). The planet was studied for 3.5 years by the HARPS-N spectrograph, which is installed on a telescope at the Observatory of Roque de los Muchachos, which is located on the Canary Islands.

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