ABB Terra AC – Wall-mounted charging station for electric vehicles, designed for indoor installation

ABB introduced the Terra AC wall-mounted charging station. This electric vehicle charging station will be available in several versions with power up to 22 kW. According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with electrical systems for homes and buildings around the world.
The advantages of Terra AC include Internet connection. It gives users the ability to configure the station and update its software using a special application or remotely through a cloud service, which not only increases the flexibility, but also minimizes the need for any work at the station installation site. The station supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet interfaces. Each charger is equipped with a high-precision multi-tariff electric meter, which can be integrated with energy management systems of smart buildings. This allows you to use advanced functions to control the load on the electrical network.
The small size of the station increases installation flexibility. For wall mounting, two stations can be placed close to each other. The presence of various types of electrical connectors ensures compatibility with most electric vehicles. It is also worth noting dust and moisture protection and authentication support using radio frequency identification or a user application that simplifies use in public places. The station provides protection against short circuits and overvoltages. ABB promises that by May the Terra AC charging stations will be available worldwide.

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