AMD is not going to waste energy on “small” ultra-energy-efficient processor cores

At present, Intel has successfully retained the Pentium and Celeron atomic processors in its assortment, the architecture of which is very different from that of the “normal” CPUs. AMD used to have the following lines: Kabini, Jaguar, Llano, Bobcat. However, after the release of the Jaguar line, whose processors are still used in Sony and Microsoft consoles, AMD did not release anything like this.
And, as it turned out, not going to. A company representative, answering questions from a source, said that AMD is now important to concentrate on architecture, so the manufacturer is not going to spray on “small” cores. AMD is also not interested in ARM architecture. Another reason why AMD is not going to deal with “small” cores is the fact that today even “large” cores can fit in a 10-watt heat package, which was previously impossible. However, as we see, there are no such solutions in AMD’s assortment yet. Perhaps the company could release new Athlon 7-cell APUs with a TDP of 10 watts or less, but apparently, AMD considered this to be disadvantageous, since such processors would have to create a completely new separate chip.

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