Android 11 Developer Preview 2 released. Now we can evaluate the new features and technologies.

A month ago, Google unexpectedly and earlier than usual released the Android 11 Developer Preview. Then they told us a little about the innovations of the new version of the OS, but they promised a beta version in May, and the final one sometime in the third quarter. Until this happened, Android 11 Developer Preview 2 was released today. The name speaks for itself – this is still a version for developers. As a last resort – for the most curious. Ordinary users should not install it and hope that it will work fully and stably.
We are also interested in Android 11 Developer Preview 2 primarily for new features that should eventually get to the final version of the system, although not all functions will be fair. For example, Android 11 Developer Preview 2 has support for variable screen refresh rates. That is, in theory, this technology can be implemented in games, as it is done on a Windows PC. Also, the system has improved support for folding devices, updated the Neural Networks API, introduced some changes to the security system, a shortcut appeared to quickly view the notification history, appeared imitation of waterfall screens, it is possible to set the clock on the lock screen, notifications in the curtain are placed in a more convenient way. And that’s not all. As before, only owners of Pixel smartphones can start testing Android 11 Developer Preview 2, starting from the second generation.

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