Astronomers have discovered the hottest planet-giant

Astronomers have discovered the hottest exoplanet and published a study on this topic in the journal Nature. This is the planet KELT-9b (HD 195689 b), the temperature at which is equal to 4.6 thousand kelvin (4327 degrees Celsius) – which is about the same as that of class stars in orange dwarfs. It is assumed that there are no molecules in the gas shell of the object and all matter is in the atomic or ionized state. KELT-9b (HD 195689 b) is in the star system KELT-9 (HD 195689) and rotates around the luminary with a period of 1.48 days. The hot planet is 2.88 times heavier than our Jupiter and 6.88 times its size. In this case, the star KELT-9 outnumber our Sun by 13.14 times, and by weight – 2.5 times. It is also hotter – 10.17 thousand Kelvin against 5.8 thousand Kelvin from the Sun. Thus, KELT-9b (HD 195689 b) is currently the most hot planet discovered by astronomers. Previously, the palm tree was owned by WASP-33 b (HD 15082 b), which warmed up to 3.3 thousand Kelvin.

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