Bethesda can create a great RPG based on the "Game of Thrones"

The network is actively discussing the next "drain" from some close to the studio Bethesda insider, who wished to remain anonymous. He argues that the main project on E3 2017 will be a sci-fi RPG in the corporate style of the company called Starfield, the idea of ​​which has been born since the release of Fallout 3. The release of the project should take place at the end of 2017!
Bethesda can create a great RPG based on the "Game of Thrones" It seems insane to the information from the same insider that Bethesda has plans to unite its universes – Fallout will be the "beginning of time", Starfield – "the middle," and The Elder Scrolls the distant future of one big world. Finally, the insider talks about some sort of secret agreement between Bethesda and HBO. Allegedly the creators of The Elder Scolls are working on a large role-playing game based on the "Game of Thrones", which will not be released until 2020. According to him, The Elder Scrolls VI will no longer appear on the current generation of consoles, and will not be released until the year 2023. Also, the anonymous author talks about the announcement on the E3 2017 of the second part of The Evil Within and the new Wolfenstein.

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