Beyond Good & Evil 2 can show this year

Michel Ancel said he will not show Beyond Good & Evil 2 on E3 2017, but he also hinted that later this year the project will still be demonstrated in one form or another.
Beyond Good & Evil 2 can show this year " I do not think E3 is the best place to show Beyond Good & Evil 2, but we continue to work on the game, so later this year you will hear about it ." The last time about the long-standing Ansel declared in October 2016-th year. Then, in November, he talked about the possibility of interplanetary flights within the game, but added that there should not be an early release. Later, the network spread rumors of a temporary exclusivity for the Nintendo Switch. Earlier, Michel Ansel explained why the development of the game took so much time: " Already in 2008 we had working prototypes of the game. That passage on the video was reproduced in real time; It was live gameplay. However, we had too many unsolved technical issues. We needed space flights, giant cities, an opportunity to explore the planets. Originally, this was the first Beyond Good & Evil. We did not release a sequel without all this. A new project in the franchise universe was to become a dream game. Then we tackled 2 D- projects, released new parts of Rayman, and then went back to Beyond Good & Evil 2. There are still a lot of works. But we have a great team and excellent, working technology . "

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