Birdie says Sony PS5 will still be weaker than Xbox Series X

If we can already confidently talk about the performance of the new Microsoft Xbox, the Sony PS5 is more complicated. Recall that recently Microsoft itself said that the Xbox Series X has 12 TFLOPS, which is twice as much as the Xbox One X. But with respect to Sony There are a lot of rumors of PS5, and they are all different. Some say that the Japanese console will be more powerful than its competitor, and its performance will be about 13-14 TFLOPS, and some say only 9 TFLOPS. Now we have a new option, and it’s very interesting. The information was allegedly shared by the developer, but in a riddle format.
At first glance, it is completely meaningless, but someone has already guessed it. Firstly, the number of words “coo” is 52. There is a version that this is an indication of the number of CUs in the GPU of the new Sony console. That is, there will be 3328 stream processors, which is almost a third more than the Radeon RX 5700 XT. Also, in the bird’s message they found an indication of the frequency (1743 MHz), thanks to which the performance was calculated – 11.06 TFLOPS. That is, the PS5 will be slightly weaker than the Xbox Series X, although with such a difference it is unlikely to somehow manifest itself in games. However, so far this is only one of the unconfirmed options.

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