Bungie spoke in detail about Destiny 2

The company Bungie shared information about Destiny 2 and showed a lot of video clips on the official presentation of the project. It is known that in the sequel to the popular multiplayer shooter there will be so-called "quests", which are issued by full-fledged NPCs. Players are invited to roam the dungeons in search of treasure and fight with the bosses. The game will have 4 huge locations – the European Dead Zone, Saturn's satellite Titan, the satellite of Jupiter Io and the dwarf planet Nessus. A common map will allow you to move to any place instantly. As for the battles of the players among themselves, the teams consist of 4 people each. Some modes from the first part will return, others will be replaced with new ones. For example, the Countdown mode is expected. It is assumed that there are clans and the possibility for newcomers to join them for a while for certain missions. The release of the game is scheduled for September 8, 2017 on PC, PS4, Xbox One.

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