Canon rejects rumors about the “impossible” characteristics of the EOS R5 camera

Canon revealed further details about the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera, which was announced exactly a month ago. The manufacturer claims that the EOS R5’s video recording capabilities will significantly surpass those of other manufacturers. It was previously reported that the camera supports video recording in 8K resolution. Now it became known that the maximum frame rate will be 30 fps. In addition, the famous Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology is supported in all 8K shooting modes. Canon also confirmed that the EOS R5 supports advanced autofocus mode for taking pictures of animals, the camera recognizes dogs, cats and birds, detecting not only the eyes of the animal, but also head and body in situations where the eyes are not visible.
0 Someone says that the EOS R5 has “impossible” characteristics. Today we reaffirm: we are achieving the impossible that our customers receive a camera for photo and video shooting of exceptional quality. Our company is a market leader, and by launching a new camera we challenge other manufacturers by showing what we are capable of. The EOS R5 camera with RF lenses demonstrates our commitment to rethinking mirrorless cameras and Canon’s unique ability to create the right products, says Richard Shepherd, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Professional Products.
The EOS R5 uses Canon’s recently developed camera image stabilization system, which works in conjunction with a lens stabilization system. The camera will support the automatic transfer of files from the device to the cloud platform For added convenience, the EOS R5 will have two slots for memory cards. The camera also has a high continuous shooting speed of 12 frames / s using a mechanical shutter and 20 frames / s in electronic shutter mode.

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