created a petition to change or cancel Far Cry 5

A few days ago, on the popular website, a petition appeared on the recently announced Far Cry 5. It was signed by hundreds of people, but at the moment it is no longer available. Its authors demanded either to cancel the game, or to make large-scale changes to it, because, in their opinion, the insurgent offends Americans who are big fans of Ubisoft creativity and bring the publisher a lot of money. created a petition to change or cancel Far Cry 5 " We, the US players, who make up most of your audience, are demanding to cancel Far Cry 5 or to make changes to it so that it does not offend us ." Among the voiced demands, for example, the change of villains from Americans to, say, radical Islamists. It was also written in the petition that if the religious cult associated with Christianity survives, then only white villains should be "diluted" with blacks and Latinos. Villains wanted the authors of the petition to see some erring patriots dreaming of creating their own mini-state. Justification of their actions should be a reaction to the harsh policies of the authorities. Finally, angry gamers at all suggested changing the setting (at least for the American version) to Canada.

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