Chieftec Scorpion 3 chassis comes with four ARGB backlit fans

Chieftec announced the release of the Scorpion 3 computer case, which carries the GL-03B-OP index. In the description, the manufacturer notes that the Chieftec Scorpion 3 case is equipped with four fans with ARGB backlight. The front and side walls of the body are made of tempered glass.
In a case measuring 436 x 202.5 x 490 mm and weighing 6.9 kg, a mini-ITX, microATX or ATX-sized motherboard and up to seven expansion cards are placed. Cards can be up to 349 mm long. The maximum permissible height of the processor cooling system is 166 mm, the length of the power supply unit is 200 mm. The designers provided for the placement of two 3.5-inch drives and two 2.5-inch drives.
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Regular 120 mm fans, three of which are installed on the front wall, and the fourth on the back, can be supplemented by two more of the same, using the mounting points on the upper wall. Alternatively, there are 120 or 240 mm long coolant radiators on the front wall. The fans are connected to a hub designed for supplying control signals from a three-pin connector on the system board and power from the SATA connector. A pair of USB 3.0 connectors, one USB 2.0 connector, audio connectors, audio connectors, power and reset buttons are placed on the I / O panel. The manufacturer does not quote the price of the case.

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