China will quarantine Hubei today

Today, the Chinese authorities officially issued a statement stating that quarantine, which had been in force in Hubei for more than two months, is finally being lifted. Restrictions on movement, as well as on entry and exit from Hubei Province will be lifted today at midnight local time, that is, at 19:00 Moscow time. The statement of the State Committee for Health of the region also contains information that the administrative center of Wuhan restrictions will be lifted on April 8th. On this day, in Wuhan, restrictions will be lifted on transit roads and transport links will be restored. The quarantine in Wuhan and Hubei Province has been in force since January 23. The city of Wuhan, which is considered the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus, can completely clear itself of infection by the end of this month.
Authorities add that despite quarantine termination, actions to prevent possible new outbreaks will continue to be strictly enforced. A couple of days ago, the Commerce Department of the South China Hainan Province confirmed that all major foreign trade companies with foreign capital resumed work by the middle of this month.

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