Clients of Rostelecom and Tele2 received unlimited calls and free access to films and TV shows

Rostelecom reacted to the situation with coronavirus and decided to make life more comfortable for subscribers who are currently forced to stay at home. These initiatives will last for a month and can be extended depending on the situation. For home Internet, the company will increase the maximum data transfer speed to ensure the convenience of remote work from home and online training. For home telephones, Rostelecom introduces unlimited communication within the network: when making calls to Rostelecom and Tele2 Russia mobile numbers. 12 million families in Russia use home telephones from Rostelecom, and Tele2 has about 45 million mobile subscribers.
For Wink and interactive TV, Rostelecom opened free access to a large collection of domestic films and TV shows, cartoons and educational content for children. Currently, over 5.6 million families use Rostelecom’s interactive television and video service Wink.
Putin proposed to make free viewing of domestic films in online cinemas
The company understands the complexity of the current situation and is doing everything to protect the interests of subscribers who are forced to stay at home. Obviously, now they need a high speed Internet access to perform work tasks, as well as for study. Therefore, we decided to raise the speed of home Internet to the highest technically possible levels. Moreover, without changing the tariff plan and additional fees. The demand for online movie theaters has logically increased – in response, we offered free access to films and TV shows, cartoons and lectures of our Wink video service. Among those who use home phones there are many older people who need to stay in touch, but they do not use online payments. That is why we will not limit communication in the near future in the event of a delay in payment. Our services will be available to people in any situation. President of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky.

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