Crystal photo of the most unusual Intel processor. Four tiny cores and a huge GPU

Over a year ago, Intel introduced the very unusual Lakefield processor. It is unusual in that it is the first Intel CPU (and indeed the first x86-compatible processor), which contains two clusters with completely different cores and is made using three-dimensional layout technology. Recall that Lakefield includes one Ice Lake core, four “nuclear “New-generation cores with Tremont architecture, as well as Xe-generation GPUs, all of which are produced using a 10-nanometer process technology using Foveros 3D layout technology. True, there are no laptops with Lakefield on the market – the first should appear in the summer. And so far this n happened, we can look at the picture of this unusual crystal CPU.
Crystal Lakefield has an area of only 82 mm2. In the middle above there are four Tremont cores, below them is one Ice Lake core, and almost half of the crystal on the right is occupied by the GPU. That is, if this processor did not have an integrated graphics core, its area would be less than 50 mm2.

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