Domestic manufacturer plans to capture 10% of the TV market in Russia

Russian electronics brand BQ shared its plans for TV sales in 2020. The company is set to sell 300,000 televisions in our country. It is interesting that the electronics manufacturer entered the television market only in September last year. In a few months, the company has sold over 90,000 televisions. Currently, the BQ lineup includes 26 TV models with screens ranging in size from 21.5 to 50 inches. 10 models are equipped with all the functions of modern smart TVs. In the near future, the manufacturer will introduce new smart TVs of large diagonals.
The success of BQ was in particular due to a partnership with the Wildberries online store, which is the fastest growing online store in Russia with the largest number of outlets throughout the country.
Today, the most popular TVs among our customers are 32-inch models. However, the market has already clearly seen a trend towards an increase in the share of Smart TV and an increase in the diagonal of the TV screen. Following this trend, we will replenish our line by offering users only relevant and sought-after TV models. In this market, we will seriously and permanently, and in our future plans, reach 10% of its share. Vladimir Puzanov, General Director of BQ Company

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