Everspin and GlobalFoundries extend MRAM co-development agreement to 12nm

Everspin Technologies announced the completion of an agreement with GlobalFoundries (GF), which provides for the joint development of magnetoresistive memory with torque transfer (Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM or STT-MRAM). Everspin and GF have been partners in the development and production of STT-MRAM at 40 nm, 28 nm and 22 nm. Addition to the agreement extends it to the 12 nm stage. Now GF is engaged in the production of discrete STT-MRAM solutions using 40-nanometer and 28-nanometer manufacturing processes, including 1 Gbit microcircuits with DDR4 interface.
Everspin is a leading MRAM developer with over 650 patents and applications in this field. It is the only manufacturer of discrete MRAM products. According to Everspin’s own estimates, more than 125 million MRAM chips have already been shipped, and the number of customers has exceeded 1000. MRAM’s pluses include, in particular, protection against data loss when power is turned off without the use of ionizers or batteries. This memory is suitable for storing both code and data.

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