Ford designed to make driving easier in the countryside

Ford introduced a development designed to make driving easier in the countryside. The system scans the road in the direction of travel to detect an approach to the curb and carefully return the car to a safe path.
Driving in rural areas can be difficult due to the lack of markings, uneven edges of the roadway and pits. According to the source, most traffic accidents in Europe occur on rural roads. Moreover, compared to incidents in urban areas, passengers are more likely to suffer. The Road Edge Detection system, designed for driving on rural roads at a speed of 70–110 km / h, uses a camera located under the rear-view mirror to track the edges of the road at a distance of 50 m in front of the car and 7 m to the side. Where the asphalt pavement passes into a soft edge, gravel roadside, or grassy soil, the system gently steers to prevent the vehicle from moving off the roadway. The system can help even when the markings are not visible due to snow, rain or fallen leaves. It is effective in the dark, because it has enough headlight. The system will be available in the European models Ford Explorer, Focus, Kuga and Puma.

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