Fractal Design Era ITX Chassis Designed in Partnership with Intel

Fractal Design introduced the Era ITX chassis, created in collaboration with Intel. According to the manufacturer, this is the next generation of mini-ITX form factor enclosures, which managed to circumvent the configuration limitations traditionally inherent in small-sized systems.
The Era ITX chassis is made of steel, and a combination of aluminum and wood or tempered glass is chosen for the exterior. The case is offered in five versions.
In a case measuring 325 x 166 x 310 mm and weighing about 4 kg, there is a mini-ITX board, a dual-slot video card up to 295 mm long (210 or 190 mm when placing the SFX or ATX power supply in the lower part). The maximum length of the power supply is 200 mm. The height of the processor cooling system cannot exceed 120 mm. If a 3.5-inch drive is installed on the side, the manufacturer does not recommend using a processor cooling system with a height of more than 70 mm. By the way, as for drives with a standard size of 3.5 inches, when using an ATX power supply unit, it can be one, when using an SFX power supply unit, two of them are placed. In any case, instead of each drive size 3.5 inches, you can put one or two drives size 2.5 inches. 2 3 4
There are five mounting points for fans. Behind one 80-mm, which is installed regularly. You can put one or two 120-millimeter fans on top, and 140-millimeter fans on the bottom (you will have to abandon the dual-slot video card). Instead of upper fans, it is possible to install a radiator SZHO 120 or 240 mm long. Its width cannot exceed 125 mm, and the thickness, taking into account the fans, should not be more than 67 mm (the exact values depend on the type and location of the power supply). Air vents are covered by air filters.
The case is equipped with a USB Type-C connector of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, two USB Type-A (USB 3.0) connectors and a combined 3.5 mm jack for headphones and microphone. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $ 160.

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