France will allow the use of 5G network equipment Huawei

France will allow the use of part of Huawei equipment when deploying its 5G network. This Reuters reported two informed sources. Allegedly, contrary to US calls to exclude the Chinese telecommunications giant from next-generation networks, the French cybersecurity agency ANSSI will give telecom operators the go-ahead for using Huawei equipment. Informants specify that Huawei equipment can be used outside the core network, where it will pose a significantly lower risk from a security point of view.

The decision of the French authorities regarding Huawei equipment is of great importance for two of the country’s four telecom operators, Bouygues Telecom and SFR Altice Europe, since about half of their current mobile network is built on Chinese equipment. At the same time, state-controlled operator Orange has already chosen Nokia and Ericsson as suppliers of 5G equipment. By granting partial permission to use Huawei equipment, France will follow in the footsteps of Britain, where such a decision was made some time ago.

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