Game streaming service GeForce Now becomes free for all players

Today it was announced that the gaming streaming service GFN.RU for one month becomes free for all users. So the developers supported the gamers, who are forced to spend this time in isolation. The creators of the service assure you that it is enough to register on GFN.RU and immediately start playing, there are no hidden fees, a bank card or other pitfalls.
0 We are used to living in a frantic pace, daily to perform routine tasks and more. Changing this rhythm means stress for most people, they are not used to spending so much time in a limited space, but today it is a justified security measure for both you and your loved ones. Computer games allow us to distract from disturbing thoughts, spend time with friends, so we decided to give all fans of PC games the opportunity to switch and get a charge of positive emotions. Pavel Troitsky, Executive Director of GFN.RU
Pavel Troitsky adds that you only need a good Internet connection, but it does not necessarily have a productive computer. The cloud service GFN.RU has tremendous performance and supports the latest games, including those with RTX effects.
In these unusual days when people stay at home, many companies around the world offer their users to use their service on special conditions, and we decided to join this global initiative. Without any conditions and hidden subscriptions, we open GFN.RU for a month for any user – you just need to register on the service website.

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