Google Camera Go – how to make something suitable for taking photos from an extra-budget smartphone

Google Camera has long been firmly associated with high-quality photographs among users. Sometimes this application is really capable of working wonders, turning an ordinary inexpensive smartphone into a good alternative to photo flags. And today Google released a new application that is designed to improve the photographic capabilities of the cheapest smartphones on the market.
The software is called Camera Go. As you might guess, it is aimed at smartphones with Android Go. The search giant claims that there are now more than 100 million active smartphones worldwide with this version of the operating system. According to the press release, Camera Go will help users take beautiful photos without worrying about speed and storage. In particular, the application keeps track of how much space is left on the drive and helps clean up the space. Interestingly, the amount of free space on the drive is displayed directly in the application as the number of pictures that can be taken. Camera Go also offers portrait mode. Of course, there’s no talk of any HDR + mode, which means that users who install Camera Go are unlikely to be struck by the difference in the quality of the images they take.

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