Here you go, Sony PlayStation 5. Xbox Series X will receive one of the most complex platforms

The next-generation Xbox Series X will receive one of the most complex systems on a chip that have ever been created for game consoles. This is evidenced by a recent find on the network.
The user blue nugroho drew attention to the information on the page of the head of the AMD SoC development team on the LinkedIn social network. It notes that the Xbox Series X will receive a sophisticated SoC with multiple CPU clusters combining cores with two architectures – ARM and x86. A 7-nanometer manufacturing process is also noted.
In the public domain on LinkedIn this information is not observed now, links on the AMD page lead to a profile that is closed to strangers. However, blue nugroho backed up his post on the social network Twitter with screenshots for greater credibility. Retail sales of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are scheduled for the 2020 Christmas season.

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