Huawei as simple and straightforward as possible solved the problem of the lack of Google applications and a number of other programs on their smartphones

New Huawei smartphones still cannot receive Google services if we are not talking about old models in the new “wrapper”. The company already has its own AppGallery application store, which has many programs, but of course there are no Google applications there. And Huawei proposes to solve this problem in the simplest way possible. This method is called AppSearch. This is a separate application that is already preinstalled on the brand new Huawei P40 Lite and is likely to be preinstalled on all the new products of the company.
AppSearch allows you to find the applications you need (apk files) on third-party resources, download them and install them manually. First of all, this is necessary for installing Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other applications required by most users. Interestingly, some programs AppSearch offers to install directly from third-party application stores, including Amazon AppStore, APKPure or apkmonk. Of course, some users will still pass by Huawei smartphones, afraid to encounter any difficulties or expect new problems in the future, but in general, even the initial lack of Google services is not really a problem.

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