IDC Analysts Revised Coronavirus IT Cost Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus, is already having an impact on the information technology (IT) market, as buyers and suppliers are adapting to changes in the global economy and assumptions about the future development of the situation.

Specialists of the analytical company IDC predict a significant reduction in costs in the first half of 2020, in particular, for equipment. However, the cost of software and services will also be affected, as the crisis will affect all sectors of the economy, including supply chains, trade and business planning. In general, in 2020, under a pessimistic scenario, IT costs may rise, but only by 1% compared Happy 2019 Year. Earlier, analysts had forecast growth of more than 4%. They make a reservation that the situation is constantly changing, and therefore the forecast in the future can be adjusted. The current value reflects the expectation that the crisis outside of China will last not only in the second quarter, but also later.

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