In China, the fastest elevator in the world

The world's fastest elevator, capable of accelerating to 75.6 km / h, began working in the CTF Finance Center in Guangzhou, China. A high-speed elevator was created by Japanese engineers. At the very top of the shopping center, which is located at an altitude of 530 meters, the elevator will deliver in just 25 seconds.
In China, the fastest elevator in the world However, in normal, daily operation, the lift will not operate at its maximum. Instead of 75.6 km / h, shown on the tests, he will carry people at a speed of 72 km / h, which, however, is also very impressive. The previous record holder was the elevator, which delivered people at a speed of 69 km / h. It is also located in China, in Shanghai. With the rise everything is clear. And with the descent? The descent will be slower, its speed will be 36 km / h.

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