In Russia there is a sports sedan Audi S8

Audi Russia announced the start of accepting orders for the new flagship sports sedan Audi S8, which received an eight-cylinder 4.0 TFSI twin-turbo engine with a capacity of 571 liters. from. and a torque of 800 N · m. The Flagman sports sedan can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is electronically limited at around 250 km / h.
As standard, the car received a quattro four-wheel drive with a sports differential, a smart active suspension Audi AI active suspension with a prediction function that is able to raise or lower each wheel individually, and other systems. The Audi S8 is equipped with Audi MHEV soft hybrid technology (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle ) A 48-volt starter-generator with a belt drive and an additional battery allow you to move forward with the engine turned off, quickly start the engine, and also expand the speed range of the start-stop system.
Thanks to smart suspension, the new Audi S8 has the ability to actively roll control, which can significantly reduce longitudinal and transverse vibrations of the body. When the door is opened, the body rises by 50 mm, making it easier to get into or out of the car. This feature is called “convenient entry.”
The Audi drive select system offers a choice of five driving modes, including the new Comfort + profile, which makes driving through tight corners extremely comfortable. In this mode, the body tilts inward to the turn by up to 3 degrees, reducing the lateral accelerations acting on passengers. In addition to soundproof glazing, there is an Active Noise Cancellation system, which is standard on the model. It eliminates external noise and provides additional comfort in the cabin.
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MMI touch response uses a fully digital control concept. Almost all the functions of the car can be controlled using two large displays. All driving information is displayed on the Audi virtual cockpit. The driver can choose a special S-performance mode, in which the central place will be allocated to the tachometer in the form of a diagram, and data on power and torque will be displayed in percent. Cars are available for order at a price of 10 290 000 rubles.

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