iPhone 12 will receive a 3D camera World Facing

Chinese sources report that at least one iPhone 12 model will receive a completely new 3D camera that will offer users new opportunities. People who are familiar with the issue claim that this 3D camera is a combination of a laser system and sensors, as well as the corresponding software providing. By measuring the distance between the phone and the object, the camera will allow you to impose new photo and video effects, as well as improve the user experience of augmented reality.
This 3D camera can be called World Facing, Apple engineers have been developing it for more than two years. Lumentum will be the main component supplier for the iPhone 12 3D camera. Speaking of practical applications, sources indicate a much better portrait mode. Photos will be comparable in quality with pictures taken with professional cameras. Various blur effects will be available to users, it will be possible to adjust its degree and range. The presentation of the iPhone 12 is expected in September.

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