IPhone sales fall in China but grow in India

In China, iPhone smartphone sales in China fell due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the closure of many stores, but in India, which is the second largest mobile phone market, the situation is completely different. According to foreign media reports, iPhone shipments in January and February this year the Indian market grew 55% over the same period last year, with the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR being the top bestsellers.
In the first years after the release, iPhone smartphones were not popular in the Indian market due to high prices, but Foxconn and Wistron opened smartphone factories in India, which had a positive effect on local prices. At the end of February, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company plans to open its first flagship store in India by the end of next year.
India is an unprecedented country with an active and diverse user base. I believe in Apple’s market opportunities in India. Tim Cook

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