Is the Redmi K30 Pro exactly the flagship? 60-hertz screen may not play in favor of new items

Smartphone Redmi K30 Pro will not receive the current display with increased frame rate. This was stated by one of the top managers of Xiaomi, Wang Teng Thomas, and then actually confirmed the head of Redmi Lu Weibing (Lu Weibing).
Moreover, the latter cited the Huawei P40 as an example, which supposedly can also get a 60-hertz display. At the same time, the screen of the Redmi K30 Pro will definitely be Samsung’s Super AMOLED, and against this background, there are even more complaints about the frame rate, because many noted that 120 Hz on the Redmi K30 screen (there IPS) are not particularly noticeable. It seems that the rumors about saving everything for the sake of a top-end platform at a relatively low price were true. However, there are already questions regarding the price, given the recent statements by Weybing.

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